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Instructions and Specifications

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1. Review this page for ideas.

2.  Create your ad image and save it on your computer.  Canva is a great free resource for creating an image or flyer.  Ideally the image will be 1042 x 1042 pixels and the resolution will be 144.  The image is square.  You needn’t put everything about your business on this image, you have an ad page to tell people and search bots about yourself.

You are preparing your Business Ad for publication on the Mount Shasta Business website.   Your ad will appear on the Siskiyou County Business page.

There are 2 components to your advertisement. 

  1. The initial ad image (image 2)
  2. Your ad page content (image 3). 

Your ad content page is accessible by clicking on your ad image, your business name, or the + More About … link


1.  Gather the information for your ad page.

2. When you are ready to place your ad visit the Mount Shasta Business Shop or click on the buttons below to purchase your ad space.

You may choose from purchasing an ad for 1 year and pay for the year or you may create a renewable subscription (monthly or yearly).

3. During the checkout process you will be attaching your ad image (.PNG or .JPG), providing your business name, your ad content, everything that is needed to place your ad on the page.  If the image doesn’t save (check your Order Confirmation), please email it to me at

4. You will be adding your social media accounts and your business email and website URL.  I will remove the excess icons from your ad page where you have no account.

5. Add your payment information and submit your payment and your ad content.  All with one click!  If you are purchasing a subscription, you will be asked to create a password.  Keep this safe.

6.  Once completed with the purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email.

7.  I will review and place your ad within 48 hours.  I will contact you with any questions and of course you may do the same.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions or if the website doesn’t work as expected.


$ 144.00
One Ad Each Year
Social Media Share
Ad + Ad Page

Yearly Subscription

$ 133.00
Automatic Renewal
One-Click Ad Content
No Expiration, No Worries

Monthly Subscription

$ 13.30
Low Cost Promotion
Social Media Share

Non-Profit Yearly

$ 108.00
Visibility for Your Cause
Engage Support
Connect with Volunteers

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